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Choice is simply the act of choosing between two or more possibilities while fate is the flow of events outside a persons control, usually already predetermined by a greater power than ourselves.

A person that believes that our lives are fated would say, “It was the will of God”, or rather, my favourite, ” If it was meant to be, it will be”. These notions develop when a person’s daily life situation sits on the balance; exactly in the middle of the fence expecting reality to come crushing down on them soon. A notion that is born from powerlessness. It is not a feeling that is new under the sun as we have all felt powerless and we hoped that that something greater than ourselves would unload the burden.

To clarify, I am believer, and I believe that the scriptures advocates on choice and not fate. It is at the…

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How she got formed was hilarious
For me it was delirious
Seeing her formed in her mama’s woumb
After nine months of formation
To a cute fine little one
Thoughts flash my mind wildly
I picture her in the future
As a leader, ruling her people
With fairness and justice
Dear Lord, after three weeks
She struggles for her life
The killer, trying to grab her
Away from mama and papa
Oh! But after much struggle
She was taken away😪
The tears, pain and sadness
Grow on the parents’ face
As each day went by
The grief depart from them
They realise why she had to be taken away
What they treasured most
Whom deep down their hearts
They never forgot….😔😔😔

By Laura Ongoche


I see you walk through the blue gate. I wonder if I’ll ever see you again or here the encouraging words you told me when I was down. In deep thoughts, I ask myself if I’ll experience the memorable moments we shared in school and in life. I feel empty or lemme say sort of a loner, lonely and depressed. Fresh tears soak my bloody red eyes again knowing things will never be the same again. A part of me is departing from me and there’s nothing I can do. This tears my soul in pieces. What am I to do but accept the fact that he’s gone? Oh! What a life full of unpredictability and disappointments, full of circumstances both good and bad. I pray He considers the decision made. Though my friend is gone, life has to go on. I say to myself his favourite quote in my mind ‘No matter how many friends you have, what matters is which friend came and NEVER left’…That’s what keeps me going throughout as a remembrance.

Goodbye to you my trusted friend….😔

By Laura Ongoche


Memories flash my mind like a wild fire

Terrorising me from my deepest wires

Not sure about what I was to do

Settled on fleeing, to run, to go

Four walls now surround me

Fearing they might tumble on me

I sit in the corner of my cage

Waiting for my turn to get the rage

No syllable should be left out

For we might be slaughtered throughout

They get bigger and better shares

Since they fly on the biggest shores

I get my cramps as I utter no word

I revive from my memories

Four walls still surround me

By Laura Ongoche


Why is it that a person feels empty inside but on the outside very cheerful? I try to search for answers deep in my soul but nothing comes up and that makes me feel empty and of no good. At times my mind tells me it’s because of my environ but my soul tells me it’s because of my heart. It tests the time and threshold of my capacity to suffering. There’s this inbuilt force of self destruction that sometimes overpowers my intellectual ability. Many times I’ve tried to get over it but it’s just null and void. It makes me feel like I’m beyond redemption because it can’t restore my broken soul. I try seeking answers in the world of science and fiction yet no clues. Religion remains my utmost saviour to replenish my deep aching soul


By Laura Ongoche